viernes, marzo 13, 2015

dvtm || dynamic virtual terminal manager

Si necesitamos una shell linux con varias ventanas dvtm funciona bien:

Demo showing abduco+dvtm

abduco+dvtm demo


First steps / Introduction tutorial

All of dvtm keybindings start with a common modifier which from now on is refered to as MOD. By default MOD is set to CTRL+ghowever this can be changed at runttime with the -m command line flag or at compile time by changing config.h.

After starting dvtm create a few windows by pressing MOD+c. Now open the dvtm manual page with MOD+? and read through it. Start switching between the different windows with MOD+jand MOD+k or directly with MOD+1 to MOD+9 where the digit corresponds to the window number which is displayed in the titlebar. Bring a different window to the master area withMOD+Enter. Try experimenting with different layouts by cycling through them with MOD+Space. Minimize unimportant windows with MOD+. issuing the command a second time restores the window. To forcably close a window use MOD+x. dvtm will automatically terminate once the last window is closed. If you want to quit earlier use MOD+q.

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